The Ruckus Cafe Risque

Cafe Risque Custom Honda Ruckus

Built by scooter tuning and fabrication company Composimo, the Cafe Risque is something that if you described it to me, I wouldn’t believe it was possible. How do you put cafe racer style into a 50cc scooter and have it look this great? Granted, custom Honda Ruckus builds are not uncommon (and also very, very cool), but here we have something well outside the typical, Japanese “zoomer” aesthetic. It’s utilizing a cafe seat, cafe bars, and loads of performance upgrades and custom fabrication.

Cafe Risque Custom Honda Ruckus

Where this project really stands out, for me anyway, is in the harmony of the details. There are both aesthetic and mechanical upgrades here, and everything has been meticulously crafted to work together as a cohesive unit. So many custom projects — whether scooters, cars or motorcycles — are often decorated more than designed. It’s as though the builder is just going from component to component and simply changing things to leave his or her mark on the bike. Sometimes that works well. Yet what we have here is an example of all the details working together for a cohesive design — and that as much as anything else makes this particular Ruckus really special.

Cafe Risque Custom Honda Ruckus

It looks really mean on the road:

Sounds great too:

Read up on the entire build process over on

Ruckus Cafe Risque Gallery

Via: Moto Mucci

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  • Southerner

    Ya know what?  That ain’t bad.  In fact, it’s one of the most creative custom scoots I’ve ever seen.

    I hope the guys over at Modern Buddy see this.

    • Nathaniel Salzman

      Please feel free to share it there!

  • Chrsnaude

    Hey Nathaniel? What seat is that, I re,e,ber you saying somewhare that it was bough for someting else originally. Can I get some more details of the seat itself? What where and from? Thanks matey!

  • Jonathan Clark

    At a time when the ‘custom ruckus’ has become a somewhat tired option I have seen a million times over, This one Really looks fresh and interesting! Nice Work!