The Lambretta is back

The latest incarnation of Lambretta says that the iconic Italian scooter marque is back on the scene in a big way with their all-new LN model. Only a concept a year ago, Lambretta say the LN is finally coming to market. While I’d definitely fall into the “hopeful” category, you’ve got to love how Bryan from 2StrokeBuzz puts it:

Sorry to get your hopes up, ha. I’ve stopped guessing (and caring) which of the dozen fighting parties is behind which models or which hype, or if any of it will ever see the light of day, but maybe you’re still holding out hope that something good will come of all this.

It’s a lovely-looking machine, and it is definitely trying hard to live up to its design heritage. The question remains, however, will it live up to its own aspirations? More importantly from my perspective, will we ever see the LN here in The States? Echoing Bryan’s sentiment, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Full press release and gallery after the break.

[Official Release] For decades it’s been an iconic symbol that gave worldwide fame to the Italian style: after almost forty years of absence, today Lambretta comes back on the road in the new LN model. Presented last year as a prototype, from now on our city streets will be traveled again by the legendary two‐wheeler of the fifties and sixties.

An Italian project, coordinated by a staff of Italian technical experts led by true passion for the famous vehicle. Alessandro Tartarini, son of Leopoldo, founder of Italjet, a company with over fifty years of experience in the motorcycle industry, is the designer of the new Lambretta. Worldwide known for the design of Italjet Dragster, Italjet Formula and the succesfull Velocifero, Alessandro has developed the new Lambretta LN in compliance with the famous ancestor. It’s a tribute to the great predecessor and a modern‐day version.

As the original one, the new Lambretta LN a steel bodywork. It is a contemporary dependable scooter, a modern‐looking design which embodies the soul, spirit and lines of the Lambretta designed in 1947 and conveys the genuine value of design and Italian taste, which is so highly regarded around the world.

The inspiration for the LN model is the history of Lambretta, but Tartarini chose to take suggestions from the Special series, designed by the engineer Sessa during the sixties. Today, as then, the aesthetical and functional details are harmoniously bound in a slender, streamlined, quick off the mark vehicle that never loses the typical qualities of the Italian design.

The ideal road of Lambretta runs around the world: Italian quality, Italian style, Italian concept, but Lambretta is manufactured in Italy as well as in a number of countries around the globe.

The various components of Lambretta are made in the countries where the specialization allows the better outcome.

The Lambretta LN is now available throughout the world in the 125 cc model (151 cc only in Italy). The LN model comes in five different color combinations to meet the taste of every consumer. The Lambretta is back for all those who want to ride on top of an excellent performing vehicle with a timeless Italian style. Worldwide distributor of Lambretta LN is Lambretta Motolife Italia SpA.

The Lambretta is back in advertising as well, with a simple and provocative advertising campaign, expressing the very personality of the new Lambretta. The 30’ spot is directed by James Lima, 3D animator and director of Avatar and many commercials for international brands.


Source: Lambretta via 2StrokeBuzz

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