BV350s Arriving in the US

Piaggio/Vespa dealers in Texas have reported in a post on ModernVespa that Piaggio’s buzzworthy BV350 ST is now shipping in the US and is due to start arriving in showrooms as soon as tomorrow, April 17.

What’s still uncertain, however, is when the BV350 will be available in the country’s biggest scooter market, California. As previously reported, the model has yet to be cleared for sale in the state by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which has its own rigorous emissions testing and approval process. CARB posts new certifications to its website in small batches, usually within 48 hours of approval. In the past, companies have been able to ship scooters to warehouses in the state while awaiting certification — sometimes months or longer.

ScooterFile previously gave an overview of the BV350’s new engine, transmission and other features garnering attention and excitement among scooter enthusiasts. We’re eager to test ride one, no matter what state we need to be in to do so.

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