SYM’s Symba Being Discontinued

The little lion roars no more. After speaking with sources at SYM, it has been confirmed that SYM will not be producing any more of the Symba 100. The Symba is a direct descendant of the Honda Cub, and is the last iteration of the world’s best selling vehicle ever. Over 60 million Cub-type motorbikes have been made, far outselling any other motorized vehicle.


Taiwan-based SYM has halted production of the Symba due to slow sales in the worldwide market, although it was performing well here in the US market, where it’s been available since 2011. Halting Symba production pens the final chapter in a long and proud history of the Honda Cub, showing that even world record demand does eventually taper off. Honda loves to trot out the iconic Cub shape for concept vehicles, like they did with an electric Cub concept just a few weeks ago.


While this is certainly the end of an era, current Symba owners need not worry. Our sources at SYM’s US importer, Alliance Powersports, have confirmed that parts availability shouldn’t be an issue in the foreseeable future. Symba accessories, however, are already beginning to dry up. As often happens, the aftermarket will likely continue to support the Symba, and keep in mind that a myriad of Cub accessories should bolt right on. With so many of this type of motorbike on the road, there are countless numbers of parts that fit more than one model and brand.


SYM has no plans to make another Symba-styled scooter in the future, thus leaving Genuine’s Stella 4t’s as the last manual transmission scooter on the American market. While not a shifter, Alliance does plan on filling the Symba’s gap in its lineup with a new fuel-injected Fiddle 3.

Farewell little Symba, you will be missed.

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