A New, Responsive Vespa.com

On the internet, owning the domain for a household name is a powerful thing. Worldwide, there’s one undisputed synonym for “scooter” and that’s Vespa. While Piaggio Group owns several two-wheel subsidiaries and even sells a line of scooters under its own name, the Vespa brand is still the logical jumping off point for many beginning their web search into the world of scooters.

The new, responsive Vespa.com

Well now visitors to Vespa.com are greeted with an all-new experience. Not only is this a whole new website, Vespa.com has followed the ever-growing trend of “responsive” websites that transform themselves to suit whatever size device you happen to be visiting them on — be it your laptop, your iPad or your smartphone. It lets you have one website for all your visitors (ScooterFile is actually responsive as well).

Vespa.com on Smartphone

So far, none of the national Vespa sites such as VespaUSA.com have been updated to match. Neither has Piaggio.com for that matter. The change seems strongly driven by all the positive attention Vespa has received over its upcoming 946. You can even pre-order the special-edition Vespa right from this new site.

The new, responsive Vespa.com

What do you think? A step in the right direction, or all flash style and no substance? Let us know in the comments.

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