Confirmed: Vespa 946 Landing in US Late 2013

Vespa 946 Quarantsei

US Vespa dealers are now reporting they’ve been told that the lust-worthy 946 Quarantsei model will be arriving in dealers in the fourth quarter of 2013. This is sooner than earlier rumors, which predicted an early 2014 launch date.

The final specs for the model have still not been announced. It will almost certainly feature the 3V engine that’s replaced the earlier, injected 150s in European models. That motor will likely also appear in the US in the new Piaggio Fly before the 946 debuts. It’s also still unknown what colors the 946 will come in, what DOT-compoliant turn signals will look like and which (if any) body parts will actually be made of aluminum.

The biggest question is still pricing and availability. Rumors surrounding this limited edition have predicted a price tag in the $10,000 range.

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  • Orin

    A dealer near me is guessing the price will be a bit less than a GTV, which would make sense…

    • Near seems plausible, but less seems unlikely given its design and the likelihood of at least some aluminum components.

    • ericalm

      This was originally supposed to be a small limited edition, too. I think $10K is unlikely, but the higher side of near-GTV prices ($7500? $8000) is possible. They’ve already gotten their money’s worth in attention; not sure they’re too concerned about selling in huge volumes — especially in the US. 

      There was also talk that a lower-priced regular production version may appear later, as they did with the GT60 and GTV. That “limited edition” model became a limited edition color once it went into regular production. 

  • I imagine the US version will have turn signal “pods” and reflectors added as well :/

    • That’s my assumption as well. DIY removal instructions coming from the community shortly thereafter.

  • Southerner

    I don’t expect it to be cheap but ten grand? Think of the opportunity cost. That’s enough to buy a maxiscooter or even one of the larger motorcycles. Or a good scooter and lots of gas, even at today’s prices.