A LEGO Vespa, Yours For Just $22,000

No, it’s not the single LEGO mini-fig seen above, it’s a full-size vespa recreated from thousands of individual bricks. Created by artist Eugene Tan of Singapore, it’s part of a larger, LEGO-oriented art exhibit called “Art, a piece at a time.”

LEGO Vespa by Eugene Tan

The exhibit features a number of different LEGO-constructed exhibits, including several reproductions of famous art pieces. It’s all for sale as well, with the full-size LEGO Vespa available for a mere $22,000 USD. It’s a tough decision. Two Vespa 946s, or a Vespa made of LEGO?

We found this on the Jack is not dull blog, where Eugene is described as having a long, rich relationship with these little plastic blocks:

Eugene has been enamored of the pint-sized bricks since the age of four, preferring to play with Lego over other toys or going to the playground. By eight, he had gone on to win three consecutive Lego building competitions. At department stores, he would study the designs on the Lego boxes and replicate them as soon as he got home. And for birthday gifts and rewards for doing well in exams, Eugene always received Lego sets.

We’re huge LEGO fans here at ScooterFile. They’re the perfect combination of simple joy and infinite possibilities. It’s only logical that LEGOs and scooters should intersect.

Via: Jack Is Not Dull

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