Military Artillery Vespa Up For Auction

The craziest projectile-related thing I’ve ever seen on scooters was the paintball jousting we used to do at Rattle My Bones in Minneapolis/St. Paul. But that doesn’t hold a candle to the military trim Vespa with the RPG mounted through the leg shield. Scooter fans have seen this machine before, but here’s the kicker: this one’s up for sale.

The boys at Jalopnik found this weaponized scoot about to go up on the auction block:

We aren’t sure if this Vespa cannon was exactly how much active defense duty before it was stored for three decades, but it was ready to defend if the need ever arose. That is at least according to Coy’s who will be selling the Vespa at their Monaco auction next week. According to the auction house, this Vespa was a way to transport the small cannon seen here to more inaccessible parts of Messina. Once you arrived at the firing point stabilizers were used to steady the scooter/weapon and fire RPGs.

So if you’ve always wanted a vintage Vespa with a little extra kick, this is your chance. Does anyone else think it’s hilarious that the tail end of the cannon is under the seat? Yeehaw!

Source: Jalopnik

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