Rumor: Vespa 946 in US Dealers by Spring 2014. Aluminum now suspect.

Dealer sources are telling ScooterFile that Piaggio corporate says dealers can expect the much anticipated Vespa 946 in US showrooms just in time for riding season 2014. The 946 has all but stolen the show at EICMA this year, partially because of its stunning design, but perhaps more so because for the first time in recent memory, an OEM is putting an outlandish concept vehicle into actual production. One additional, interesting detail from our dealer source has to do with one of the 946’s most outlandish details, and we’re not talking about its complete lack of built-in storage. In all the sales points delivered in regards to this new machine, notably absent was any mention of its fabled aluminum construction. This would not surprise us in the least. Aluminum is difficult to manufacture and even more difficult to repair.

Additional information from around the web is pointing toward only certain components of the 946 being stamped out of Reynolds Wrap. Specifically, the front fender and the handlebar covers — pieces molded from plastic on current Vespas. This would make a lot of sense. Weight savings plus premium materials on these details, while retaining steel for all the key structural components.

Rumors of low-volume production and pricing in the area of $10,000 persist, though no official word from Piaggio has yet to drop in that department.

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