The Morning Scooter Commute

Back in 2010, I was commuting by scooter nearly every day in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. I’d taken up scooter blogging at the same time, which planted the seeds for what ScooterFile is today. I’ve recently migrated most of that riding over to my portfolio site at, and I came across a post that I’d written as a first person account of what my typical morning commute was like:

It’s 7:30 a.m. My garage door groans its way open. Morning light spills into my little one-car garage. It’s about 40º out. It’s gonna be a cold ride this morning. Better get my balaclava. I walk around the back of my Vespa GT200L, my hand on the seat like I’m rounding a horse. I grab the handlebars and rock the Vespa off its center stand. Walking it backwards out of its suburban hangar, the machine all but whispers to me, “You know what? My grandfather was a fighter plane.” Key in — one click clockwise. Kill switch to On. Contact. All 21 horsepower fire to life. I rap the throttle a couple times to clear the idle jet and the Vespa grumbles happily in the crisp morning air.

Looking back, reading this story makes me miss two things: my morning scooter commute, and my Vespa GT200L — the only bike out of nearly a dozen that I regret selling.

Check out the whole story over at

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