The Motofocker Cargo Scooter Concept

I can remember the first time I saw a bakfiets-style cargo bike in the wild. The concept made instant sense, but the form factor was so strange that it couldn’t be ignored. I instantly wondered what it would be like to ride. That curiosity was rekindled when I saw the Motofocker Cargo Scooter concept.

Motofocker Cargo Scooter

Based on a Vespa PX50, this concept extends the front of the bike to create a sizable cargo area — nearly doubling the overall length of the scooter. This has a couple of key advantages. Loads are kept low and between the wheels, which is good for stability. It’s a great idea, yet I still have to wonder; what’s it like to ride?

Motofocker Cargo Scooter

While just a concept, obviously this would make a very interesting production delivery vehicle. The only question is, could one ever sell enough of them to make it market viable?

Motofocker Cargo Scooter

More information available over at Design Boom and Motofocker.

Tip of the hat to Steve Guzman for sharing this with us on Facebook.

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