Vespa 946 Pricing and Release Date Announced

The most buzzed-about scooter of the decade, the striking retrofuturistic Vespa 946, has had many guessing as to how much such a machine will cost. In its most recent sales solicitation sent to dealers, the company finally laid the matter to rest. The 946 will carry a hefty $9,946 MSRP price tag. (See what they did there?) According to the announcement, the scooters will be available in the US in November. (For the very impatient and well-heeled, they’ll be available in Europe in June.)

03 Vespa 946

Some other details emerged, as well. In particular, the 946 will be the first Vespa model to feature ABS and ASR traction control. The scooter will, as previously announced, sport aluminum panels and fender in addition to the traditional steel body and will be powered by the new 3V injected engine.

We imagine this lays to rest earlier rumors (from dealers) that the 946 will replace  the stalwart LX model. Vespa reportedly has a new LX or other mid-size scooter in the pipeline, possibly to be revealed this fall.

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  • Want!

  • $10,000 for a 125cc motorscooter. Maybe there will be a special version signed by Justin Bieber for $20,000? This is a perfect example of the old saying “There’s an ass for every seat” LOL.

  • Ted A

    Great design, but storage (a raison d’etre for a scoot) is a trade-off. Maybe 1 can get a front rack.

    • I’m sure the aftermarket will turn up a rear luggage rack and a front rack if there’s structure to mount them too. That said though, millions of people travel every day on motorcycles that don’t have under-seat storage. A good backpack goes a long way. Personally, I’ve never needed much more than a glovebox on a Stella or Vespa. That’s what I’ve got on my Elite 250. Never really miss not having a top box.

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  • Fachri

    Price!!! price!!! too much for 125cc

  • Southerner

    Well, I wanted to be optimistic and believe this new machine would run about the same as the present 150, which already ain’t cheap. Can’t understand why a company would spend the development money to produce a product with such a limited market. Where will this be a big seller?

    • It’s going to be a limited production bike, so there won’t be big numbers to sell. It will sell to hard core Vespa fans and to the affluent, and be advertising everywhere it goes. Think of it as a production bike as publicity stunt. It’s worked. People are enamored with it. While not a bargain, keep in mind that it does have ABS and traction control, which aren’t exactly standard features on the LX.

      • Andrew Fries

        Yeah, and if there is one feature a 125cc scooter needs, it’s traction control!

        • Ha ha! It’s for, you know, all those times you’re out riding your limited edition, $10,000 Vespa out in a rainstorm.

  • That Scooter Guy

    Eric, do you have one on order yet?

  • Tony Linni

    Is this for sure going to be a 125cc scoot only? Or is the 125 cc just for the European market and the USA will get the 150cc, as in models in the past?