Vespa Ad: Nerd + Vespa = Hipster?

Vespa has done some fun, engaging advertising over the years. We shared some classic examples just the other day. Yet this recent print campaign from Vespa of Israel left us scratching our heads. The ad’s concept is a simple formula. Nerd + Vespa = Hipster.


At first glance, I couldn’t help but wonder “Is Vespa being pranked?” Is this actually an ad from Genuine Scooter Company? Does “hipster” mean something different in Israel? Personally, I’ve never heard hipster as anything but a passive aggressive pejorative — never as a aspirational label. If anything, nerds are the cool kids at this point. Movies from Marvel are massive mainstream successes. People like Wil Wheaton, Chris Hardwick and Felicia Day have taught popular culture to embrace its inner nerd — co-opting the word to celebrate all our most esoteric obsessions and social failings.

Yet Vespa in Israel has bet its money on the hipster horse. To me, this seems like the last association Vespa would want to make. It highlights perhaps the worst aspect of the Vespa owner cliché — seemingly vapid people who chase trend and fashion over substance. Given that Vespa has a real, quality transportation product to offer, it’s a real head scratcher that “hipster” is who they think their audience is.


That anyone thought this concept was a good idea is just …inconceivable.

Source: Motor Biker

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