Put Down the Chanel, Vespa to Release Perfume

We all know that scent is tied closely to memory. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies at an open house, or candles that smell like 2-stroke exhaust, sometimes the shortest route to being memorable is through the nose. Well Vespa is banking on you remembering them next time you’re walking through the perfume aisle of your local department store.

Partnering with Coty Inc., Vespa is set to debut a new scent bearing its iconic brand name. While we seriously doubt it’ll smell anything like steel and exhaust, it’s yet another fray into the merchandising for the Italian scooter maker. You can already find the Vespa name on everything from polo shirts to coffee mugs, so extending deeper into the fashion and beauty segment isn’t much of a surprise. Vespa continues to position itself as a premium brand, and so while these brand extensions really have nothing to do with scooters, they do work to shape Vespa’s perception outside the scooter world. Will the couture-loving set make the jump from perfume to buying an actual Vespa? That’s tougher to sniff out.

Here’s the press release from Coty:

Leading global beauty company Coty Inc. (NYSE: COTY) and Piaggio Group (PIA.MI) the leading European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles, announced today the formation of an exclusive partnership to create, develop and distribute a signature duo of fragrances for men and women under the Vespa name.

Vespa is one of Italy’s most iconic brands. A symbol of Italian style, technology, creativity and elegance worldwide, Vespa is not just a scooter, but an icon. Having sold over 18 million scooters since its creation in 1946, Vespa’s success is a truly unprecedented phenomenon.

The duo Vespa fragrance line is expected to debut in May 2014.

Any takers? Would you wear eau de scooter on your next hot date?

Via Motor Biker

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