BMW USA C-Series Scooter Sales Up +73% for October 2013

With sales of BMW two-wheelers up +23.4% overall, it’s been a great year for BMW in terms of selling motorcycles. Yet tucked amongst the official numbers in this month’s press release was a significant detail. Sales of just the C-series maxi-scooters were up +73% over last year when they first arrived in the USA.

The new models appear to be a success. We reported back in July that demand for the C-series scooters, in particular the C 650 GT, was actually outpacing production capacity. Put another way, people have been buying BMW scooters faster than BMW could build them. The question at this point is what does this mean for BMW’s future with scooters?

We have part of that answer already. BMW’s success with the C-Series has been significant enough for them to fully green-light the C Evolution for full-scale production. What will be the world’s first electric two-wheeler (from a major manufacturer) is built on the backbone of the already successful C-series petrol models. My curiosity at this point is will BMW think smaller in the scooter market? With small motor partnerships in India ramping up, could we see a C 400 or even C 250 model? All the major transportation manufacturers are betting big on the developing world. China and India are thriving markets for transportation products while other parts of the world stagnate. Will those markets see BMW push smaller in its offerings? Time will tell. Would we love to see a 250cc BMW city scooter? Absolutely.

Meanwhile, you can read our long-term review of the C-Series scooters here.

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  • DMP

    Before we All jump on the electric bandwagon has anyone looked into the electric pollution from the motors as they pertain to potential for brain tumors ? this IS an issue for telephone headsets and cell phones or the effect of the electric motor on reproduction due to that motor BETWEEN ones legs ?……lastly what is the real total cost on replacement and disposal of__TOXIC__lithium ?

    • ericalm

      Any risk from phones is due to radiofrequency (RF) waves. So far, research is inconclusive as to whether such a risk exists. Batteries and electric motors in scooters do not emit RF waves.

      There may be some carcinogenic risks associated with other types of electromagnetic fields when people are exposed to high concentrations over long periods of time. We’re talking kids living under power lines here, though, not adults riding vehicles with shielding designed to block such things.

      Of course, there are many risks involved when using any type of technology. Some, such as the risks of death or traumatic brain injury when not wearing a motorcycle helmet, are very well documented.

      • DMP

        We are all ENERGY waves and are effected by all this electrical pollution …….when its money…..Do you trust the studies ? will support our Health or MONEY ? You know and I both know the answer to that ? Goggle solar or wind power pollution and side effects….and these are not… as I am not…. anti-this or that… just stating the fact there are consequences to all these energy resources that business call SAFE …?

  • ie

    A 250!!!! bring it BMW!!!