Video: A Look at the BMW C Evolution

Sep 10 • BMW, EV Scooters, Official News • 546 Views • 4 Comments

Now that the C Evolution has made its official debut, here’s a look at the bike in action.

What is your take? Does this first mass-produced electric scooter turn your wheels?

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    Looking forward to a side by side comparison with BMW’s gas powered scooters.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      The torque of this E-scooter is nothing to mess with and makes it an entirely different ride than anything before.

  • baljeetd

    Well, it looks like a typical BMW in that it’ll cost plenty, feel great to ride, and be great to live with – except for the major clanger: has BMW heard of “range anxiety”? I mean the Zero S 8.5 motorbike (which has a similar capacity motor), weighs about 100kg LESS, but has far GREATER range. It seems they have work to do on the fundamentals.

    • Nathaniel Salzman

      Well that weight difference would certainly make more range easier. I think BMW is getting their feet wet here, and beyond that, have a very specific positioning in mind with the C Evolution. In particular, very city-focused where long range isn’t really needed. Having known people who’ve actually owned the Vectrix, as few as 30 miles range is completely viable for daily city use.

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