A Harley is not a scooter

That is, unless it’s a Harley Davidson Topper like the one pictured above. Yet, several times this season I have heard Harley owners refer to their gigantic lifestyle accessories as “scooters” and I just don’t get it. Especially since most of these would-be outlaws and weekend warriors wouldn’t be caught dead on GTS or a Buddy.

I can only infer that they’re referring to the actual verb “scoot” — as in, “this thing really does scoot along.” That’s no excuse. I take umbrage with this whole situation. As a brand, Harley Davidson already sits atop the motorcycle industry like a dump truck load of compost, stinking up the joint for everyone else. Their brand behemoth need not encroach on scooters as well. Yet I can’t say it’s surprising that those in the hog fold wouldn’t have thought one for anything outside their corner of the culture.

Obviously, this is a trend born out of the riders themselves. It’s not part of Harley marketing at the moment that I’ve seen. Yet, I think it’s indicative of a pervasive attitude there. An attitude that if it’s not a Harley, it doesn’t matter. I disagree. I think I speak for all scooter fans when I say you’ve got enough nicknames, Harley. Hands off of “scooter.”

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