New Year’s Resolutions for Scooter Fans

Firstly, we here at ScooterFile want to wish everyone a very happy 2014. We had a great year in 2013 thanks to all of you! With 2014 upon us, we thought it’d be a great time to think about the year ahead and how we as scooter fans can do to make it a great one.


Resolution Number One: Let’s do some maintenance

You know who you are. You’ve got that one thing that’s overdue. Maybe it’s an oil change that’s 1,000 miles overdue, or a rear tire that’s well long in the tooth. Either way, let’s get that issue taken care of. Spend the bucks, or better yet, grab some tools and do the job yourself.

Rollers vs. Sliders

Resolution Number Two: Let’s make some upgrades

There are needs, and then there are wants. What do you want to do this year? Lighter roller weights. New variator? Contra spring? Upgraded shocks and brake pads would be a good move too. For the truly adventurous, how about a big bore kit or a hot cam? Whatever your big item is, let’s make the upgrade in 2014.


Resolution Number Three: Let’s gear up

Obviously gear is a personal choice, regardless of your state statutes, but in 2014 let’s be smart and take our gear up a notch. You know you should have a helmet on. If you’ve resisted that before now, let’s put a lid on in 2014. If you’ve got the basics covered, here’s your chance to upgrade. Maybe it’s a high quality armored jacket, or a pair of kevlar jeans. I’m a big fan of quality boots and gloves as well. Whatever your chance to update and upgrade, now’s the time to take it. Look for lots of good deals on riding gear this time of year to boot.

Scooter Rider

Resolution Number Four: Let’s get that scooter we always wanted

Here’s the big one. We know we’ve got readers out there who haven’t taken the plunge yet into scooter ownership yet. Will 2014 finally be the year? We think it’s a great time to pull the trigger. Start with a rider training course and stay safe out there.

For others out there, maybe it’s your next scooter you’re looking for. Is it time to branch out above 50cc? Time to hop on a maxi and do some touring? Or have you got your eyes on something really out there, like the new Vespa 946?


Resolution Number Five: Let’s go to a scooter event

Have you been to a rally yet? Have you connected with your local scooter club? is there a standing Tuesday night or weekend ride you can join? 2014 is the year to reach out and connect with your fellow scooter fans. Truth be told, the community is the best part of having a scooter between your feet. Get out there and connect with the local scene. Better yet, make the trip to a big event or rally. There’s a lot of fun to be had when you get scooter fans together in groups.

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