• BMW C Evolution

    Video: Building the BMW C Evolution

    Aug 18 • 98 Views • No Comments

    With new technologies, manufacturers are often required to develop new and innovative ways to actually produce the item at hand. In the case of the BMW C Evolution, the world's first 100% electric two-wheeler from a major manufacturer, that manufacturing...

  • ScooterFile First Ride- 2014 Vespa 946 280

    First Ride: Vespa 946

    Aug 13 • 235 Views • 1 Comment

    Our first impressions riding Vespa's flagship 946 model. Sure, this $10,000 Vespa is beautiful to look at, but is it any good to ride...

  • Vespa 946 Bellissima

    Video: The Vespa 946 Bellissima

    Jul 24 • 504 Views • 3 Comments

    If our debut gallery post isn't enough of the new Vespa 946 Bellissima for you, here's the official video from Vespa showing every angle of the new machine. What do YOU...

  • Vespa 946 Bellissima

    World Debut: The Vespa 946 Bellissima

    Jul 24 • 764 Views • No Comments

    Vespa has released images and features of its first update to the 946 model. With new colors and new accessories, the 946 Bellissima aims to carry on the 946 line into the future...

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Genuine Stella 125 Automatic  039

Review: Hands-on With the Stella 125 Auto

ScooterFile goes hands-on with the brand new 2014 Stella 125 Automatic from Genuine Scooter Company. Full breakdown and first impressions. ...

Mar 16 • 1900 Views

Comparison c600 vs v7

Ask ScooterFile: Moto Guzzi V7 or BMW Scooter?

To submit your own Ask ScooterFile question, drop us a line at Ask@ScooterFile.com Today’s question is from David, and it was in...

Feb 16 • 1449 Views

texting and driving

Opinion: Let’s Treat Distracted Driving Like Drunk Driving

Here in Illinois it’s recently become illegal to use a “hand-held device” — i/e a mobile phone — while driving. This...

Feb 7 • 926 Views

Customs Customs

Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX

The Ruckus (and Grom) Shenanigans of Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX

Mar 3 • 1320 Views • 4 Comments

We share a profile of Greg Hatcher, founder of MNNTHBX — a company that makes custom Honda Ruckus and Grom parts and manufactures them in the USA. ...

The Slaughterhouse by ScooterWorks USA

The Slaughterhouse, a Custom Genuine Roughhouse 50

ScooterWorks USA have taken the humble Genuine Roughhouse and turned it into a little beast of a scooter. ...

Feb 28 • 1752 Views

The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

Gallery: The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

Custom scooters are growing in popularity, and we're starting to see some usual suspects. We all know the west...

Feb 27 • 1208 Views

The Reaper by ScooterWorks USA

The Reaper, a Custom Buddy 170i

Building a custom scooter is always an exercise in balance. How much custom fabrication does one do? Do you focus on...

Feb 26 • 1156 Views