Honda Recalls 10,000 Grom and Forza Models For Fuel Pump Issue

In the recent climate of massive punitive fines leveled against secretive automakers, OEMs are taking recalls more seriously than ever. This is a good thing because it helps keep bad product off the roads and keeps everybody as safe as possible. Recently Honda issued two official recalls for a single shared component. Those two models are Groms built between June 12, 2013 and September 24, 2014; and Forza scooters built between June 18, 2003 and May 21, 2014. According to Honda’s paperwork, there were exactly 10,076 units with the faulty component.

What component, you ask? An internal component in the fuel pump for both bikes. With everything going fuel-injected these days, bikes now have to run high-pressure fuel pumps in order to feed gasoline to the injectors. This particular component is produced by Thai Summit Mtisuba, and it was actually the component producer who brought the potential problem to Honda’s attention in June of this year.

Honda Forza 300 - 01

Honda described the issue to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration thus:

A resin bracket inside the fuel pump may swell and interfere with the impeller which may cause the fuel pump to stop working properly. While parked, this can present the engine from starting. While riding, particles may become stuck between the bracket and the impeller causing the engine to stall and possibly not restart.

The owners of the affected vehicles are being contacted by mail, and will be instructed to take their Grom or Forza to their nearest Honda dealer to have the part replaced free of charge. Yet we couldn’t help but wonder, has this been a big issue so far. According to Honda, there have indeed been a handful of warranty claims do to this problem.

as of October 3, 2014 Honda has received 30 warranty claims and no injuries related to this issue.

A few months back, we reported on a Genuine Scooter Company recall of the Stella Automatic. In that case, like this one, the part supplier identified an issue and bikes had to be returned for service. Yet in both cases, both Genuine and Honda have taken the correct proactive approach to the issue.

If you’ve got a Grom or Forza built during the affected dates, you can reference campain #14V672000 and contact or contact the NHTSA directly at (800) 424-9153.

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