From the Archives: Our Review of the Genuine Stella 4T

There’s been a lot of buzz in recent days regarding first glimpses of the upcoming twist-and-go version of the Genuine Stella. It seemed like a good idea to revisit our review of the now iconic modern classic scooter. We got to spend quite a while with our little blue demo bike and we came away charmed by the bike’s old-fashioned character and modern ammenities. How will the new Stella automatic compare?

What’s different:

  • The Stella auto will be 125cc as opposed to 150cc on the Stella 4T
  • The Stella auto will feature electronic fuel injection, where the Stella 4T is carbureted
  • Per federal regs, the Stella auto’s rear brake will be found in the typical twist-and-go location at the left hand control. The Stella 4T has its rear brake on the right side floor board, and frankly, I think that’s where it belongs.

What’s the same:

  • Wheel base
  • Wheel size
  • Steering geometry
  • Suspension setup (more or less)
  • Pressed steel chassis and bolt-on P-series Vespa compatibility
  • That unmistakable vintage scooter look

We’ll be reporting on the riding characteristics of the Stella auto as soon as we get our hands on one. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, please enjoy our review of the Stella 4T.

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