Recommended Scooters from Just Gotta Scoot

David Harrington of Just Gotta Scoot has updated his “Which Scooter Should I Buy?” recommendation post to include his top picks in a number of key categories for 2015. With categories sliced by both engine size and budget, this guide offers quick, direct advice on specifically which scooter you should go out and by.

What’s great about Dave’s guide is that it’s all based on personal experience. He’s not recommending anything he hasn’t spent some time with and ridden. For example, he sticks with his recommendation of the Suzuki Burgman 650 because he hasn’t had a chance to have direct experience with the BMW C650GT. That’s smart. Stick with what you know.

Now if I were asked to do a similar run down of specific scooter recommendations, I would likely make a couple of different choices from Dave, but all of his selections are solid scooters that no one would go wrong owning. You can see his full list here.

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