Scoot! Club Rides the Piaggio Typhoon 125

Scoot! Club (formerly Scoot! Magazine) has posted a review of Piaggio’s 125cc Typhoon scooter. My most consistent memory of the Typhoon 50 was as the scooter local dealerships were most likely to donate to the yearly rally raffle — leaving me with the impression that it was unremarkable enough to simply give away. This new 125cc version looks much more interesting. Aimed straight at Yamaha’s Vino 125, Genuine’s Buddy 125, and particularly at Yamaha’s Zuma 125, the bigger Typhoon is at least succeeding at looking like none of its main competitors. Here’s how Josh of Scoot! Club put it:

The Typhoon is Piaggio’s contribution to this mid-range market. The Typhoon is sporty with a sharp stance and styling, and has wider tires than its competition (4 inches versus 3.5). At first glance one might mistaken it for a generic Asian scooter. A closer look reveals something a bit more aggressive. The pointed front legshield almost eliminates the need for a front fender. The legshield-mounted dual headlights have a unique shape, but operate separately (high beam versus low) which is a peeve of ours. We want symmetry! The rear of the bike is over shadowed by a large wheel fender that looks a bit ridiculous with a U.S. license plate on it. It’s the only thing that detracts from the sporty, streamlined streamed rear of the bike. Flat floorboards (a Scoot! fave) allow for versatility and openness that feels comfortable, not cramped. The controls are standard and the display is simple: fuel, speedometer and light indicators.

You’ll have to head on over to Scoot! Club for the full review.

Source: Scoot! Club

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