138N: A Custom Vespa Small Frame With Attitude

I am of the opinion that the scooter scene, especially here in America, is ripe for an explosion of custom scooters. Across Asia and Europe, people are taking scooters both vintage and contemporary and making amazing custom creations that are on par with any chopper or cafe racer one might see in their motorcycle cousins. Take for example this bike from Scooter & Service in Hamburg, Germany. Referred to as 138N on their website, this little black beauty isn’t just about show, it’s about lots and lots of go.

The fine folks at Return of the Cafe Racer summarized the mods nicely:

Starting out with a base model which would have been lucky to produce 10hp the S&S team have increased power output by more than 300% to 31hp at the rear wheel. To achieve this they used the cylinder from an Aprilia RS125 bored to 57mm, a 54mm stroke Mazzucchelli crank, 35mm PWK Keihin carb and one of their custom made performance exhausts. To cope with the extra power the Vespas handling has been improved with a Malossi/Bitubo shock set up and the rear brakes are fully hydraulic 4 piston radials in the rear and an S&S custom disc set up at the front.

That’s quite a bit beyond your standard backyard port, polish and pipe. Performance notwithstanding, the 138N looks positively sinister with its satin black paint work and custom touches. The solo racing seat seems only appropriate for a bike much more at home on the track than the weekend getaway with your favorite pillion.

The best part? This isn’t Scooter & Service’s first custom bike. There’s a whole line of outlandish and unique machines to be found over at their website.

[Source: Scooter & Service]
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