Scooterworks USA’s New Look

New Scooterworks USA site breaks cover.

Scooterworks USA, one of the country’s oldest suppliers of parts and accessories, recently unveiled a completely revamped web site. The slimmed-down look — designed by Orbit Media Studios — has been a year in the making. While aesthetically spartan, the site puts a clear focus on and organization. Locating parts for specific models is relatively quick and easy, with less hunting than with the previous site. Like many parts sites, the search function is lacking, but the site’s clear navigation compensates.

Until recently, the Scooterworks USA retail parts business was part of the Chicago-based two-wheel conglomerate that included the Scooterworks Chicago dealership, Scooterworks Direct (parts wholesaler), and Genuine Scooter Company. Direct and USA have merged, and all three companies are now operating independently. The are still relationships there, of course; Scooterworks USA is the distributor of Genuine replacement parts.

Scooterworks’ reputation was built as a supplier of vintage scooter parts, earned in part by their mail order catalogs (and the even bulkier, more exhaustive Scooterworks Direct catalogs). We can only hope that the new site doesn’t mean the end of the printed book. Even the best websites have yet to replicate the experience and joy of discovery from studiously browsing through those pages, learning as much as shopping. It’s a bit anachronistic, but possibly still relevant for a customer base that cherishes shifty two-strokes.

2002 and 2003 Scooterworks catalogs, courtesy former Scooterworks designer PJ Chmiel on Flickr.

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