The Official ScooterFile Scooter!

Great news! After scouring four states and inspecting several unfortunate machines, there is now a new (to me) scooter at ScooterFile HQ! It’s a 1986 Honda Elite 250 “Spacey” with only 3,800 miles on it. Now you might be asking yourself “Why the hell would anyone want that square old thing?” The CH250 is a brilliant machine, but the actual reasons are entirely personal. You see, it was a Honda Elite that planted the seed for scooters in my little kid brain. I was probably five or six years-old, and when I laid eyes on an Elite for the first time, I thought it looked like a space ship. In retrospect, it’s funny to think that little me was having that experience right about the same time this particular Elite was manufactured. For me, it’s closing a circle and I’m planning to take this scooter on a cross country adventure to visit that place where this all began some 25 years ago. You can read more about my reasoning here.

But for today, here’s this Elite, and it’s just getting started. It’s going to need a brake adjustment, and a catch-up on all its maintenance. And before I’m done, I’m going to be a gelcoat repair ninja. Look for updates here on the site as I make progress and look for both of us this June at Amerivespa, right here in Chicago’s back yard!

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  • Matt

    This is awesome! I, too, have just purchased a CH-250 for the EXACT same reasons! I fell instantly in love with the Elite when I first saw them! They reminded me of some kind of an awesome People Mover that the Rebel Alliance would use in Star Wars! heh

    So, I was over the MOON to find one local here to SoCal that is absolutely PRISTINE and has less than 2,000 (!) miles on it. I will be bookmarking this site to make sure I follow you on your similar journey.

    I’m going to be particularly interested in your cross-country journey!

  • Wade Campbell

    Any updates on the Elite? My ’89 CH250 needs some catch up on maintenance as well. Stumbled onto a little while ago and studying.