This week in Scooters: Jan 12-18, 2014

This week we found a lot of great content to share with scooter fans, and we shared a few opinions of our own. For those who were busy, here’s a breakdown of this week’s stories here on ScooterFile.


Sunday we shared a story from’s Troy Siahaan wherein he confessed his love of scooters. That’s a big admission for a sport bike guy. Surely someone has sat him down and asked him “Have you tried not liking scooters?” Good for you, Troy. Be who you are.

Ordu, Texas

We took Monday off, but Tuesday we shared a great set of winter riding tips from the Sqream Scooter Club. It’s a great complement to our own story about winterizing your scooter. We also shared this video trailer for a fascinating scooter-oriented documentary.

4K the Hard Way

Wednesday we shared this story about eight intrepid scooterists currently making an epic trip from California to Florida on Vespa LX-150s. They’ve dubbed their adventure “4K the Hard Way” and you can follow their adventure on Facebook.


On Thursday, ScooterFile Founding Editor Nathaniel Salzman wrote an editorial on why he thinks 50cc scooters should have the same licensing requirements as larger displacement two-wheelers. Do you agree? We’d love to hear your opinion.

Kiddimoto Red Scooter

Sometimes we find fun scooter-related stuff for sale, and on Friday we shared this item, a kid’s walking bike designed to look like a vintage Vespa. It’s a charming little item that’s even on clearance sale right now. Is it just us, or does this need a little motor on it?

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