Vroom and Doom: 2.0

Scooter blurred
Vroom and Doom

You awaken to a glorious summer morning. It’s quite early, just as you’ve planned. You’ve gotten your shower, put on your travel clothes, and started the complex process of securing all of your belongings into a tiny space between the back of your seat and the top case bracket. Your bed roll, blanket, travel pillow and water bottle ultimately end up so crisscrossed with bungee cords that the bundle resembles a giant spider egg sac from the movie Arachnaphobia.

You lock the front door, put on your gear, and saddle up, excited at the prospect of a fine ride of several hundred miles. With a final nod to your apartment, you roar out of the driveway and onto the highway.

Every adventure has to start with a hearty breakfast, and after a couple of hours on the road, you are thrilled to mark your first scheduled stop:
Bubba’s Gas-n-Grab service station. It’s here at Bubba’s that the legendary Livermush Double-Stack is served, at least according to Yelp, and you are almost hungry enough to eat two of them.

After securing your order, you spend several minutes taking pictures of the gargantuan biscuit piled with stiffly fried slabs of livermush, and uploading them to Pinterest. Finally, you are allowed to take a bite of this most glorious of breakfast foods. Heavens, but it is even more delightful than the Yelp reviews indicated!

As you are tweeting about the incredible adventure you are having, a strange conversation at another table catches your attention. Two men, wearing dark sunglasses and leather jackets, are whispering closely together, their food untouched. It’s odd, because nobody should be wearing leather jackets in the summertime. Would it be rude to eavesdrop on the men?

Make your choice:
You choose to listen in.

It would be rude to eavesdrop.

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