Write for ScooterFile: A Call For Contributors

ScooterFile is about to celebrate its fourth year as a worldwide scooter news source, and we couldn’t be more proud of what this site has become. What started as just a handful of posts has grown into nearly 600 stories featuring everything from reviews, to editorial, to custom scooters, to tales of scooter-riding adventure. Our readership has grown to thousands of visitors each day — something for which we’re heartily grateful.

We want to take ScooterFile to the next level, but to do that, we need your help.

(UPDATE: If you’d like to contribute to ScooterFile, we’ve made it easier to get started. Just fill out this quick survey and we’ll be off to the races.)

These are the basic roles we’re hoping to fill:

  • Contributor: You want to write stories
  • Editor: You want to make others’ stories better by finding typos and fixing grammar mistakes
  • Social Media Manager for Facebook/Twitter: You want to engage with people directly and share fun little things you find on the web
  • Photo Editor for Pinterest/Instagram: You want to take, find and share beautiful photos of scooters and the people who ride them.

We did a call for contributors back in 2013, and honestly, we weren’t ready for it. We didn’t have the processes and tools in place to actually coordinate everyone who wanted to contribute. So apologies to all of you who volunteered then, only to never really be utilized. As of now, we’ve figured out how to bring people onboard, so we’re putting that call out again. If you’ve ever aspired to write about scooters on the world stage, this is your chance.

We’re looking for writers and reporters who want to help us cover the world of scooter news. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write about scooters but didn’t have time to create and maintain a blog of your own. Write here. Maybe you’re torn between writing personal riding stories and also the occasional news story on your own blog. Bring your news here and let your personal blog focus on your own scooting adventures.

We’re looking for a mix of both frequent and infrequent contributors. We’d love to have a handful of people who are regularly contributing stories, and we’re also interested in less frequent or even one-off submissions. There’s something for anybody who’d like to get involved. Post news every day, or one review a year. We’re on the lookout for quality content. Period.

Truth is, there’s no shortage of scooter news to share. We’ve got an active pipeline of content worth sharing. What we don’t have is enough time among our small team to share it all in a timely manner. Yet beyond that, We’d love to see new voices and points of view under the ScooterFile masthead.

If you’re interested, please fill out this short survey.

Here are some of the topics we’re hoping you’ll write about:

  • Editorial: Objective, thoughtful opinion pieces on the industry and the community
  • Event coverage: Cover a national or local scooter event and share the experience with the world
  • Reviews: Of both scooters and scooter accessories. Owned your bike for a couple years? Write up a long-term review. Or, we might need to send you to an OEM press preview event.
  • Community interest pieces: Help us capture and share the world of riding
  • Social Media Nuggets: We’d love to bring on some key players who can give our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram audiences the attention they deserve.
  • Adventures: Trips that you’ve taken on your scooter.
  • How-to and DIY content: Show us how to do something the right way.
  • Custom scooter features: Share the most outrageous and beautiful scooters to never roll off the factory floor.

What’s in it for you?

Get in touch with us and we’ll go over all of that. In short, ScooterFile is currently a 100% volunteer effort. Nobody is currently on the payroll, including myself. Our current advertising and sponsorship revenue covers our costs and keeps the site sustainable. Yet as the site garners a larger audience, more revenue may follow. If that happens, we’d definitely want to make sure contributors see the fruits of their efforts. In the meantime, this isn’t going to be anyone’s day job in the foreseeable future. Yet that’s okay. A small group of volunteers can do amazing things.

That said, we still want to make this worth your time and efforts. What we can offer is press credentials and access to events and manufacturers that isn’t readily available to most folks on the street. That, and we can offer you a chance to share your scooter thoughts with a worldwide audience. We have tens of thousands of readers around the world. Writing for ScooterFile is an opportunity to become a thought leader in the scooter community and an ambassador for scooter fans in a press environment that typically only cares about motorcycles. You could even include your bylines on your resume.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. Either way, thank you for your readership.

Nathaniel Salzman
Founder, Editor-in-chief

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