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  • Elite 250

    The Best Scooters for Big and Tall Riders

    Dec 16, 13 • 8281 Views • Aprilia, BMW, Honda, Kymco, Opinion, Scooter Reviews, Suzuki, SYM, Vespa16 Comments

    Part of a scooter’s charm is its small size. Being lightweight, easy to maneuver and easy to chuck around corners are part of a scooter’s appeal for most scooter fans. For many people, they just don’t want or need all the heft that comes...

  • BMW C Evolution

    BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter to Debut in 2014

    Jan 31, 13 • 2852 Views • BMW, Electric, Official NewsNo Comments

    Tucked away in an official statement from BMW this morning was exciting news for scooter fans and electric vehicle enthusiasts. The third of BMW's C Series maxi-scooters, the all-electric C Evolution, is officially set to debut in ...

  • 8269941078_37926fbcf4_b

    ScooterFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 650 GT

    Dec 31, 12 • 1610 Views • BMW, Opinion, Scooter Reviews5 Comments

    In BMW's return to the scooter world, they've brought two machines: the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT. We've already published my initial thoughts on on the C...

  • BMW C 600 Sport

    ScooterFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 600 Sport

    Dec 19, 12 • 1913 Views • BMW, Scooter Reviews9 Comments

    Let's keep this simple. The BMW C 600 Sport is a midsize sport motorcycle in a scooter form factor. Yet this split personality is no Jeckyll & Hyde dichotomy at odds with its identity. Instead, these two symbiotic aspects of the C 600 Sport's character are...