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  • Zoom!

    This Week in Scooters: Feb 9-15

    Feb 15, 14 • 731 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    It’s been a very interesting week here at ScooterFile, with lots of surprises...

  • Hero RNT Diesel Hybrid Scooter

    The Hero RNT: The Diesel Hybrid Jeep of Scooters

    Feb 9, 14 • 1542 Views • Best of the Web, Concept Scooters, EBR/Hero, Video3 Comments

    Here in America, scooters are primarily for fun. Sure, we're aware of their significant capabilities as utilitarian transportation, but that's hardly the focus. Perhaps that will change here in the near future. Indian scooter manufacturer Hero has created a...

  • Motofocker Cargo Scooter

    The Motofocker Cargo Scooter Concept

    Oct 31, 13 • 1023 Views • Best of the Web, Customs, VespaNo Comments

    I can remember the first time I saw a bakfiets-style cargo bike in the wild. The concept made instant sense, but the form factor was so strange that it couldn’t be ignored. I instantly wondered what it would be like to ride. That curiosity was rekindled...

  • paolomartin_vespa-H2Omodel-feat

    Paolo Martin’s 1980s Vespa Visions

    Jun 15, 13 • 1357 Views • Concept Scooters, Piaggio Group, SF Feature, VespaNo Comments

    By the mid-’80s, Vespa was facing numerous challenges to its future in the scooter making business. In the United States, California had passed strict air quality regulations that prevented the sale of Vespa’s oil-burning 2-stroke models, contributing...