Custom Ruckus

From the Archives: The Honda Ruckus Cafe Risque

Today we’re sharing a post a year ago that’s a consistent favorite with new visitors of ScooterFile. Custom Honda Ruckus scooters are getting more and more common. It’s a style that definitely makes a statement and for most scooter fans, they either love it or hate it. One of the more remarkable custom Ruckus bikes we’ve seen is the Cafe Risque from Composimo, and we featured it last February here on ScooterFile.

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Custom Ruckus: The LV Project

Here at ScooterFile, we’re big fans of custom scooters and especially the custom Ruckus scene. We’ve featured a couple of these bikes in the past, and now they’re showing up more and more. This latest example, The LV Project, is from builder James Wong and it’s all over the web today.

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