ScooterFile Guide: How to Winterize Your Scooter

Tomorrow is the first official day of winter, although for those of us who live in seasonal latitudes, we’re on nearly the sixth week of winter. Regardless of the actual outside temperature, this time of year is scooter hibernation season for many. With that in mind, there are some key things you can do to make sure that come spring, your favorite two wheel ride is ready to go again when things warm up.

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Photo: Facing Off

Are we enemies? Friends? Cousins? Countrymen? In the end, whatever the brand, we’re all scooter fans. There’s a reason we’re not in our cars…

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Scomadi Brings Pre-Production Vintage Lambretta Clone to EICMA

UK-based Scomadi has been hand building carbon fiber Lambretta clones using Piaggio power train since 2010. At EICMA this week they’ve unveiled a pre-production version of a bike they intend to take to production. While carbon fiber appears to have given way to fiberglass, the Turismo Leggera 300 still weighs in at just 238 lbs. That’s Buddy 125 territory. I think they’re on to something.

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