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    Videos: The Quadro4 Four-Wheel Scooter in Action

    Nov 17, 14 • 118 Views • Best of the Web, QuadroNo Comments

    Recently we introduced you to Quadro, a Swiss OEM creating three and four-wheel scooters. Now we're sharing a video showing a more of this unique vehicle's details...


    Meet Quadro, the Swiss Tilting Scooter Company

    Nov 17, 14 • 114 Views • QuadroNo Comments

    Swiss vehicle makers Quatro aim to bring four wheels to the single-track space with their lineup of three and four-wheel scooters. Think it's just an MP3 with an extra wheel? Think again...

  • 2015 Yamaha SMax

    The 2015 Yamaha SMax

    Nov 5, 14 • 460 Views • Yamaha1 Comment

    Yamaha has expanded its scooter offerings to include the SMax, a 155cc version of its larger sport scooter, the TMax. Aimed squarely at the Honda PCX-150 and the Burgman 200, the SMax offers a light, affordable option for a midsize modern scooter...

  • This Week in Scooters

    This Week In Scooters: Feb 16-22

    Feb 23, 14 • 503 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    It's been a busy week at ScooterFile HQ, but the news never stops. This week saw some significant editorial content from us, some amazing gallery finds, and yet another key tool that scooter fans can use in making their next scooter purchase decision. Let's...