The Moveo Scooter Moves to Crowd Funding

Back in February, we reported on a rather clever folding electric scooter concept called the Moveo. Built by a Hungarian non-profit transportation company called Antro, the two wheel electric drive Moveo concept offers 50cc performance in a package that folds up to something roughly the size of carry-on luggage. As of this week, Antro is opening up the Moveo project up to crowd funding through the site

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The Antro Moveo Electric Folding Scooter

With people living increasingly urban lives and wishing to minimize both their carbon footprint and the sheer bulk of “stuff” in their lives, concepts like this Moveo folding electric scooter are finding more and more interest. Built by the Hungarian non-profit transportation org Antro Group, the Moveo is their answer to getting around town.

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