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Just Gotta Scoot Reviews the Kymco MyRoad 700

The large-displacement maxi-scooter category is seeing a lot of expansion as OEMs add models around the world. From BMW’s reintroduction into scooters with the C-series, to Aprilia’s SRV 850, to Yamaha’s T-Max, to Honda’s Inegra, what used to be more or less just the territory of the Burgman is now crowded with choice. Enter Kymco and their twin-cylinder MyRoad 700.

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ScooterFile First Ride: 2013 BMW C 600 Sport

Let’s keep this simple. The BMW C 600 Sport is a midsize sport motorcycle in a scooter form factor. Yet this split personality is no Jeckyll & Hyde dichotomy at odds with its identity. Instead, these two symbiotic aspects of the C 600 Sport’s character are what make this cross-bred two wheeler remarkable. By purposefully blending segment-leading performance with scooter convenience, BMW has done a cannonball into the maxi scooter market pool.

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