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  • This Week in Scooters

    This Week in Scooters: Feb 2-8, 2014

    Feb 8, 14 • 442 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    With snow falling on us here in Chicago as I type this, it's felt like a very indoor week here at ScooterFile. Yet for all the cold weather blah, this week saw some of the most fun content we've ever shared...

  • texting and driving

    Opinion: Let’s Treat Distracted Driving Like Drunk Driving

    Feb 7, 14 • 790 Views • Law and Regulation, Opinion, Safety5 Comments

    Here in Illinois it’s recently become illegal to use a “hand-held device” — i/e a mobile phone — while driving. This is intended to curb talking while driving and make the road a better place. However, the new statute doesn’t...

  • Scooter in motion

    This Week in Scooters: Jan 19-25, 2014

    Jan 25, 14 • 364 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    This week got a little heavy, but lots of great information for scooter fans. We shared a story citing how alcohol-related fatalities amongst two-wheel riders are on the rise. Let’s do better...

  • Helmet

    Fascinating Patterns in Two-wheel Safety Statistics

    Jan 21, 14 • 394 Views • Best of the WebNo Comments

    Safety statistics, for example, can tell us a lot about what risks are most apparent for a given activity. Obviously here at ScooterFile we're most interested in two-wheel safety statistics because they give us key information and make good basic safety...