Gallery: The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

Custom scooters are growing in popularity, and we’re starting to see some usual suspects. We all know the west coast-style Ruckus, which is awesome, but I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of people doing interesting things with the Honda Cub and its variations.

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A LEGO Vespa, Yours For Just $22,000

No, it’s not the single LEGO mini-fig seen above, it’s a full-size vespa recreated from thousands of individual bricks. Created by artist Eugene Tan of Singapore, it’s part of a larger, LEGO-oriented art exhibit called “Art, a piece at a time.”

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Photo: Winter Scarab

With snow covering the ground in most of the midwestern USA, most of us still have our scooters tucked away warm in our garages. Yet there are still those intrepid scooterists who venture out into the winter slush. They’re fools, heroes and ambassadors. My own longing for warmer weather and riding season to come back around are why this photo hit me so hard. The bright red against the muted palette of white and gray — the juxtaposition of an object of warm weather joy — these themes play against the cold and help dull the sting of a winter not yet over.

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Amerivespa 2013

Amerivespa 2013 Rumors Ramping Up

The official itinerary for the Vespa Club of America’s annual mega-rally, Amerivespa, won’t be available for at least a week, but if the rumors and hints being dropped by riders from the host city of San Diego prove true, it should be a doozy of an event. Anticipation is building and many have already booked their hotels for the event, which takes place June 27 – 30.

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