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  • Honda PCX-150

    Honda PCX-150 Review from Just Gotta Scoot

    Oct 20, 14 • 811 Views • Best of the Web, Honda, Scooter ReviewsNo Comments

    Dave Harrington of Just Gotta Scoot reviews Honda's ultra-modern midsize scooter, the PCX-150, with his typical mix of real-world specs and useful comparison data. ...

  • Scooters for Rent

    Opinion: Scooter Rentals Should Require Motorcycle Endorsement

    Sep 3, 14 • 676 Views • Law and Regulation, Opinion2 Comments

    I'm going to confess my own bias here. I dislike 50cc scooters as a class. When I'm brought to power, all currently 50cc scooters will be required to upgrade to 100cc or larger engines, and anyone who'd care to ride one will be required to get their...

  • Volvo Van Damme

    Spoofing the Jean Claude Van Damme Truck Splits on Scooters

    Jul 16, 14 • 795 Views • Best of the Web, VideoNo Comments

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well here we have imitation going meta as three guys on scooters reenact the famous Volvo splits commercial done by The Muscles From Brussels himself, Jean Claude Van Damme...

  • This week in Scooters

    This Week in Scooters: March 2-8

    Mar 8, 14 • 522 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    The week in scooter stories for March 2-8, 2014. We also introduce a new feature, our shared photo of the week. ...