Unlicensed Scooters Cause Controversy in Evansville, Indiana

Last week, we made a case for for why 50cc scooters should be held to the same licensing requirements as larger scooters and motorcycles. For the people of Evansville, Indiana the issue isn’t hypothetical. Because of lax state requirements, 50cc scooters can be operated without a driver’s license, and without registration or insurance. This has caused a bloom of small scooters in Evansville being operated by many people who, to put it kindly, aren’t taking their scooter ownership very seriously.

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A Sport Bike Junkie Confesses His Love of Scooters

I ride a variety of machines myself. From vintage Japanese motorcycles, to modern British sport touring bikes and scooters from eras in between, I’ve ridden them all. If it’s got two wheels, I’m into it. I think the greater variety of machines one rides, the better appreciation one has for specialization. Different machines are simply better at different things.

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