Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn

Today we celebrate the birthday of romantic scooting’s first lady, Audrey Hepburn. Were Audrey as immortal in body as she is in memory, she’d be 76 years-old today. Her Academy Award Winning performance in Roman Holiday will likely forever be a part of scooter culture, just like the Mods, The Who and the very name of Vespa.

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Photos: London Mods in 1979

For most scooter fans, even if they don’t ride a vintage Vespa or Lambretta, there’s still a romantic attachment to the Mods of the ’60s and ’70s in Great Britain. As much a fashion movement as a vehicle preference, the Mods remain forever etched on the psyche of the scooter community. The site Voices of East Anglia has a great post up featuring vintage photos of Mods out for a scooter gathering in 1979

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The Guardian, a Custom Vespa by Cris Cofitis

Greek sculptor Cris Cofitis is no stranger to elaborate, custom-built two wheelers. He’s competed at the AMD Championship custom bike build-off at Sturgis. Yet for his latest project, Cris chose a vintage Vespa as the canvas for what is simply a staggering piece of rolling sculpture. With elements of dieselpunk, retro-futurism and profound artistic vision, this bike, dubbed “The Guardian” may just take the prize as the most incredible custom scooter I’ve ever seen.

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