Vespa Primavera

Video: The Vespa Primavera — How it’s Made

One of the biggest scooter story from EICMA last autumn was the debut of Vespa’s new Primavera. Replacing the well-loved LX-150, the Primavera not only takes over in terms of Vespa’s small-frame offering, it’s the first new Vespa design in quite some time. More specifically, it’s the first “regular” Vespa model since the debut of the 946. That post-946 distinction is important because when we look at the Primavera, its 946 lineage is obvious. Where the 946’s limited production numbers and aspirational price point put it well out of the reach for most scooter shoppers, the Primavera is the “new” small frame Vespa for the rest of us.

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Video: See How the New Vespa Primavera Gets Made

The big scooter story out of EICMA so far this year has been Vespa’s debut of the re-imagined Primavera. A classic name for the classic scooter brand, the Primavera brings some key styling cues from the much-anticipated Vespa 946 to a model we can all more readily afford. But how does that all come together?

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