Video: A visual history of the Vespa

To the unfamiliar eye, all scooters look the same. Yet even just within the Vespa marque, the bikes have evolved over the years. In this terrific animated video, we see the shape of the iconic Vespa change over the years. Created by French creative agency Nomoon, this video shows us nearly 70 years of Vespa history. Take a look.

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Video: The New Piaggio Fly 150 3V

The Piaggio line of scooters has always been an interesting case study in brand positioning. As parent company of the world’s most recognizable scooter marque, Vespa, Piaggio could have been content to exist as a governing parent company for its many two-wheel properties. These include not just Vespa, but also Moto Guzzi, Aprilia and others. Yet Piaggio sells a full lineup of modern-style scooters under its own name. Most feature Vespa power plants, so for many, the value proposition is obvious. I can still get a Vespa, but for less money.

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