Carry Your Bike on Your Scooter

Various forms of cycling (the human-powered kind) are more popular these days than since “Breaking Away” was in movie theaters. Many scooterists are cyclists as well, whether mountain biking, crisscrossing cities on fixies or zipping around in clingy stretch pants. Unfortunately, uniting the two pursuits isn’t easy unless you have a folding bike.

Scooterists are a clever and industrious lot (or so we’d like to think) and have devised a number of DIY rack solutions for hauling  their wheels on their wheels. These range from precarious constructions of rope, bungees and plywood to custom metalwork.

The more practical solution for those of us without access to our own machine shops or welders is to modify an existing bike rack for our scoots. That’s precisely what ModernBuddy member jamisfoes did for his Genuine Stella after being inspired by an image he saw online. As detailed in his build thread on the forum, he utilized a Yakima roof rack, common parts from a hardware store and tools even the least mechanically-inclined among us has access to.

jamisfoes_stella_bikerack-1  jamisfoes_stella_bikerack-2

Not to leave the modern scoots out, here are a couple shots of a similar, earlier build for a GTS. This one’s from vinny72758, who posted his images and build info on ModernVespa.

001a_439  001_118

Neither of these setups is suitable for every scooter, of course. The first requires bolting into a metal-bodied model. The second uses hose clamps to attach the rack to the crash bars. However, they’re among the most practical and—according to the builders—stable DIY solutions we’ve seen. Others result in loss of balance or wobbling. Some are likely to damage the scooter over time. There are undoubtably more ways to approach this problem, though, and we’re sure that somewhere out there is a scooterist with a plastic-bodied, tubular-framed 125cc scoot, a dream of conveying a bicycle, and the will to throw caution and common sense to the wind.

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