Mickey Mouse sur le Scooter in New Disney Short

That most famous of animated rodents, Mickey Mouse, is always at his best when at the center of comedic mayhem, as he is in many classic Disney short films. He’s back to his roots in the new “Croissant de Triomphe,” in which he’s charged with traversing Paris with an urgent delivery of flaky, moon-shaped rolls to Minnie’s café. As there’s no better way to get across a city than by scooter, Mickey hops on his adorably anthropomorphized moto and carves a circuitous route through some of the city’s most famous streets and monuments.

The film’s old-school character styles and painted backgrounds are reminiscent of this year’s Oscar-winning animated short, “Paperman,” which also came from the House of Mouse. Like the earlier film, “Croissant” combines computer and hand-drawn animation to create a look that’s warmer and more evocative than much of the plastic-y all-CG animation we see these days.

As Mickey exclaims as he embarks on his mission, “Allons-y!”

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