A Sport Bike Junkie Confesses His Love of Scooters

A fun editorial share from Motorcycle.com today as their sport bike guru, Troy Siahaan, confesses his love of scooters in a piece entitled Scooters Are Cool, I Don’t Care What You Say.

We couldn’t agree more, Troy.

I ride a variety of machines myself. From vintage Japanese motorcycles, to modern British sport touring bikes and scooters from eras in between, I’ve ridden them all. If it’s got two wheels, I’m into it. I think the greater variety of machines one rides, the better appreciation one has for specialization. Different machines are simply better at different things. And when it comes to the things scooters are good at, it’s tough to find a motorcycle — even a small one — that really matches the experience. Unfortunately, as soon as you experience the terrific variety that different machines can offer, you might find yourself with a garage full of bikes. Not the worst problem to have, I suppose.

How about you? What’s the spread in your two-wheel fleet?

Source: Motorcycle.com

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