Video: Meet Stator, an Electric Stand Up Scooter Concept

The powered stand-up scooter feels like a segment ready to break into the mainstream. We keep seeing more and more concepts like the Scrooser and the MINI City Surfer, but companies like EcoReco are putting actual product on the market intended for adult use. I find that encouraging because it opens up more transportation options for folks looking to travel shorter distances with a smaller footprint.

The latest concept is one we discovered via the Core77 2016 Design Awards. Dubbed the “Stator”, this stand-up concept was the student design runner up in this year’s competition.

The Stator comes to us from Nathan Allen, who not only designed this vehicle in concept, but apparently built several working prototypes. Looking at the Stator website, it looks like there’s intention to bring the Stator to market as a real-life product. Fingers crossed it actually happens. The design is elegant, and I’ve wanted something like this in the trunk of my truck for quite some time.


Source: Core77

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