Video: TomTom Rider: A GPS for two-wheels

It’s been a tough few years for handheld GPS brands like Magellan, Garmin and TomTom given the evolution of navigation apps in smartphones. I’ve got three good apps to choose from on my iPhone alone. So in order to survive, these companies are going to have to come up with reasons for people like you and me to keep purchasing their products even when we’ve got something as good or better in our pockets already.

Enter the TomTom Rider. This unit is designed specifically for people on two wheels. It’s designed for use with gloves on and it’s intended to be weather worthy. It also includes bike-friendly routing that can send you the “twisty” way if you like. Is that enough though? Would you buy a whole navigation until just for your bike? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, here’s what TomTom has to say about their new moto unit:

Official News Release from TomTom: TomTom, the world’s largest navigation solution provider, today announces the launch of the new TomTom RIDER, TomTom’s all in one navigation solution designed for bikers by bikers.

The new TomTom RIDER will come in two versions: TomTom RIDER Europe will feature complete door-to-door navigation anywhere in Western Europe and TomTom RIDER Regional will come with maps for a specific region or country.

Combining ease of use, portability, a touchscreen that is specially developed for use with gloves and TomTom’s award winning software, the new TomTom RIDER is the perfect tool to ensure bikers can safely and reliably get from A to B.

In addition to being waterproof, the new TomTom RIDER comes with a new Cardo scala-rider™ Bluetooth® headset for in-helmet spoken instructions. The new headset fits open and closed helmets and has exceptional noise cancellation performance to ensure that bikers can hear directions and phone calls with unparalleled clarity.

TomTom RIDER also comes with a new RAM® mount that fits on virtually all motorbikes and is easy to mount. Its design is renowned worldwide to withstand the toughest conditions bikers may encounter.

To ensure ultimate safety, the new TomTom RIDER features a secure dock on which the RAM mount fits easily, as well as a unique four icon user interface that is ideal for gloves.

“TomTom RIDER is the first ever navigation solution specifically designed for motorbikers and the world’s best-selling. This new TOMTOM RIDER gives bike riders more of what they love when navigating on their bikes — high quality, easy to use and safe navigation, in addition to impeccable vocal instruction, smart services and extras to ensure they have a great bike experience,” said Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s chief executive officer.

For bikers who own a car, TomTom RIDER also has a car-kit accessory that allows the TomTom RIDER to be used in a car much like the TomTom GO and the TomTom ONE ranges. This car-kit accessory can be purchased for just €79.95.

The new TomTom RIDER will be available from end-May 2007. Pricing is expected to be between Euro 500 and 600.

TomTom HOME will also be available to TomTom RIDER users. TomTom HOME is TomTom’s free software application enabling users to manage, download, store and transfer content from their computer onto their TomTom device.

Content and services provided by TomTom’s unique PLUS offering are available for TomTom RIDER as well, managed through TomTom HOME.

Source: TomTom

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