Tori Belleci Blows Up a Scooter’s Worth of Bad Memories

We all know Tori Belleci from his role as co-host on the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, but lesser known is his new web series, Blow It Up that appears on Discovery’s TestTube online network.

The premise of Blow It Up is explosively simple. Viewers write in with an object that has some emotional baggage. Tori and his co-host, bomb tech “girl” Francesca Garigue, oblige that viewer by making said object disappear using explosives. My favorite aspect of the show is the carnival style Wheel of Explosives. Will it be TNT? C4? Amfo? Spin the wheel and find out.

In this particular episode, Revision3’s Anthony Caroboni brings Tori and Francesca what appears to be a beat up old Baron 150 scooter that’s given him nothing but trouble. A spin of the Wheel of Explosives lands on (SPOILER ALERT) C4 as the explosive de-jour. Hilariously, they place 20 lbs of C4 in none other than the scooter’s under-seat storage compartment. A scooter’s under-seat storage is so practical, isn’t it? As expected, in the fight between C4 and an unremarkable Baron 150, the explosives win.

While in principle, we can’t condone the destruction of scooters, this is pretty darn fun. All in the name of science, right?

You can find all the episodes of Blow It Up over on their YouTube channel.

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