Video: Dare to be Different

Wandering around Vimeo, we found this video featuring Honda Ruckus customizers Standard Function. Customizing Honda’s bare little 50cc has been popular for a good decade now, with a scene stretching across the ocean to the bike’s native Japan. Known as the Zoomer on the home islands, custom versions of this bike have almost become more common than stock here in the US.

With a distinctly west coast vibe, the custom Ruckus scene seems to be reaching a critical mass of late, and with good reason. It’s something really approachable and really, really cool. With an ever growing market of vendors and the relative low cost of of the donor machine itself, a custom Ruckus lets anyone with a few bucks, some time, and a lot of imagination create a bike with a ton of character. Best of all, it’s a community of people with something great in common.

Personally, a custom Ruckus is pretty high on my project backlog. I simply MUST do one of these in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy the video and tell us about your own Ruckus project in the comments.

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